3.27/169 chances?

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3.27/169 chances?

Postby meegee » Mon Oct 28, 2013 6:16 pm

Non-URM, probably below average softs. Traditional applicant (graduated in 2012). Upward grade trend (although it probably means nothing). Only have 8 months full-time WE (plan on going back to work before matriculating). Will also be submitting a diversity statement.

Here are my numbers:
3.27 GPA
169 LSAT

What are my chances at the T-14? Do I have any chance at UVA or Penn if I ED? UVA dropped its LSAT median to 169. Penn has not released its median numbers. Do I have a chance at NU RD?

Is there any point in submitting a "Why X" if you are EDing? I feel like ED in of itself is basically a super strong "Why X."

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