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Postby rseaney » Mon Oct 28, 2013 5:50 pm

Im shooting out apps within the week and I wanted to get some feedback regarding my chances. I know these numbers look like quite the split application, but I think its also important to note:

my UC Berkeley GPA is a 3.76 (in phil, which has a harsh grade curve)
my Community College GPA of 3.55 drags me down, however, I was working 65-70 hrs a week thru CC and was at one point homeless

I've got a pretty impressive resume with experience on a campaign, at a law firm, whatnot, and I'm still working full time as a server while at Cal. My LORs and personal statement should be pretty strong so I'm wondering:

what're my odds at Harvard, Yale, Columbia, or Stanford?
what're my odds at getting accepted with $$ at chicago, georgetown, nyu, etc?
how much $$ might i get at ucla, usc, etc?

thanks folks

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