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Re: What are my Chances for these Bay Area Law Schools?

Postby SFSpartan » Sat Oct 05, 2013 11:16 pm

Moonlight wrote:
SFSpartan wrote:
Moonlight wrote:And then I know Hastings gives based on Need (correct me if I'm wrong) and since I'm on my own; I imagine I'll qualify for a lot of need based aid which could lessen the pain of debt?

You are correct, Hastings does give based on need. However, the max amount of need based aid you can get is $15.5k. Assuming you get the max, and keep it all three years you're staring at ~$90k in debt before you even start paying COA. I wouldn't count yourself out for scholarships because Hastings whores out for high GPAs, but don't expect much more than $5k (For the record, I got 5k. My numbers were 3.5, 167).

On another point- I believe you mentioned something about not being able to improve on the LSAT, and it just isn't true. I started my diag. at a 150, and got a 156 on my first LSAT (didn't do so hot). I ended up with a 167 (and was consistently PTing in the mid-170s) after dedicating 2-3 months to studying. It's possible, and with your GPA, you need to be retaking. B isn't a moonshot if you improve.

Also, FWIW I chose to go to Hastings because I can live rent/cost-free in the Bay Area, and have a substantial amount in savings. If you're not in a similar position, I strongly suggest you retake.

Oh wow I see. That's good to know it's capped out at $15.5k. Haha that's a nice insight to know. With a 3.74 then I may be lucky enough to get what you have as well with a 5K (assuming that counterbalances my lower LSAT score compared to you).

I started at 150 as well. I scored a few 167 PTs leading up to the real test. Then I ended up with a 159 lol. The problem with me was I was working ft while being a ft student and doing the LSAT.

I'm a Bay Area fella so I can live here cost free as well if I needed to (aka move home). So I may consider doing what you did. How do you like Hastings so far btw?

Really loving Hastings, but we'll see how much I love it this time next year. Professors are great- a nice balance of old-school Socratic method and "kinder, gentler" professor types. Feel free to PM me if you have any more questions about Hastings.

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