3.67 / 162 / 3yrs of WE / ASIAN

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3.67 / 162 / 3yrs of WE / ASIAN

Postby jwlee4291 » Thu Sep 26, 2013 12:58 am

Hello everyone,

I’d really appreciate your advices on this:

I’m Asian American with citizenship, but lived abroad until 14 and attended high school and undergrad in the US. I majored in political science and international affairs at GWU, and studied at the London School of Economics and Political Science for a year as an exchange student.

My constant interest was human rights and North Korea, so I interned extensively at various institutions including media, government think tanks, etc. After graduation I travelled some (Europe, Japan and North Korea) worked in Korea for 3 years- 1 year in North Korean human rights NGO and then 2 yrs in a government think-tank, which is quite well known in its field—international development cooperation. I have solid networks in Korea and abroad, having worked with World Bank and governments of developing countries such as China, India and recently, Myanmar. Meanwhile I took LSAT in June 2012, which turned out to be a somewhat disastrous 162. This is the best I could have done considering the circumstances with work, and without much more effort, I don’t think simple retaking will pull up the score substantially.

In terms of law school, my interest is primarily public service. Regionally I’d like t be in either west coast or DC. My GPA, LSAT score and personal stuffs aside, I’d like to attend Berkeley or GWU.

What are many chances in these schools, what are some more realistic alternatives, and how do you guys think I can improve my application? In terms of retaking, I’m not quite sure if I have sufficient time to study for LSAT again—I go on business trips frequently, and the work load is quite a lot…I usually get out of office around 10pm, and work on most weekends as well. I am due for a promotion in December so after that I will have more responsibilities at work. I love my current job, but this can’t go on forever..

Anyways, I would have to quit this job if I were to devote some quality time to study LSAT. On top of that my English isn’t exactly perfect— sure I can get A’s in class, but I do not perform as well on standardized tests.

This turned out to be pretty long.. Thank you very much for reading through and I would be very grateful for your advices.

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Re: 3.67 / 162 / 3yrs of WE / ASIAN

Postby nonexpostfacto » Thu Sep 26, 2013 1:44 am

Make sure you check out http://www.mylsn.info/dispresults.php and the Law School Numbers website to see how your numbers stack up. It will give you a pretty good look at your odds.

Your work experience sounds impressive, but a lot of other applicants will have outstanding backgrounds, as well. [Note: I have not yet applied, but I've stalked the forums, and I am recycling the wisdom of others here.]

As your numbers stand now, you have very low odds at all of the T14, including Berkeley. You have probably a 50% shot at GWU, with a chance for scholarship money.

As difficult as it sounds, I would strongly suggest that you retake the LSAT one more time in December, studying whenever you have some free time. Just a few more points could open up Cornell or at least give better odds for large scholarships at schools like GWU.

You sound like you have an issue that you are very passionate about. Why are you interested in law school? Check out the employment statistics at Law School Transparency. Less than 65% of GWU graduates found employment in public interest or big law. Law school can be a big gamble; only go if you are willing to take the risk.

When would you consider applying? Next cycle or right now?

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Re: 3.67 / 162 / 3yrs of WE / ASIAN

Postby twenty » Thu Sep 26, 2013 2:01 am

You absolutely must do better on the LSAT to go to either school.

If you want public interest, you must either go to a school with a very good LRAP (particularly Georgetown on up) or else go to a regional school for free/close to free. I think you might actually have a pretty solid shot at USD's full ride. Do not ever take out massive student loans to go to a T1 school -- at the very best case scenario for PI, you'll be on PAYE for the next ten years eating into your already-not-great-PI-salary.

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