GPA 3.1? Chances at T-15?

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Re: GPA 3.1? Chances at T-15?

Postby riku33090 » Wed Aug 28, 2013 3:11 am

Clearly wrote:
riku33090 wrote:
riku33090 wrote:I only insisted because the guy commented said no one would care what James Murdoch have to say.

Oh well in that case...Whats the point? He was right: you asked for an answer and got one, then disagreed with it and justified your insisting otherwise by saying that you got an answer to your question that you didn't agree with :?: Why post the question?

He was right because? He wasn't right, he just posted his opinion rather than giving me an answer. The guy 6 posts before(Power Clean), he answered the question stating that LOR has positive impact if the VIP supervised me or can speak of my ability. He quoted that straight from NYU source. That's an answer I was looking for not something like "no one would care.... have to say".


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Re: GPA 3.1? Chances at T-15?

Postby CourCour » Wed Aug 28, 2013 7:38 am

I've done hiring in politics and have to say its actually pretty obnoxious when someone submits a letter/ reference from a VIP who only knows them marginally. My assumption is usually that they only knew them marginally too unless the letter, reference goes out of there way to specifically outline how close their relationship is.

My .02

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