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Re: Should I ED with 170 LSAT 3.82 GPA?

Postby mandyjay11 » Wed Aug 14, 2013 1:08 pm

Ti Malice wrote:
NYstate wrote:You want these schools but you aren't willing to do the work to get in?

Does being a Chicago alum give you an admissions boost at Chicago? It might and coupled with that scholarship you might have a good shot.

I'm just going to emphasize that you should consider NYU as well. This difference in curriculum is some bullshit you have been reading. NYU can get you to your goal and you shouldn't discount them.

One question: I was confused by your saying you want as many schools as possible and then asking about ED. Which is it that you want: a number of schools admitting you or an early decision?

You seem too rigid in knowing what you think you want. This forum has plenty of smart people who are willing to help you. You shouldn't close your mind from accepting and considering good advice based on experience and knowledge of admission statistics.

OP, read this entire post again. Read the bolded parts three or four more times.

Your "research" is nothing against the knowledge of people who actually attend these schools. You know just enough to be dangerous.


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