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Re: 3.25 GPA / 173 LSAT / good softs?

Postby NanaP » Wed Jul 10, 2013 6:24 am

erik the viking wrote:I am not thinking of applying to HYS. I would really like to go to Columbia or NYU. Really, any top 14 school is my goal. 173 was my second try. I got 165 first time. I went to Fordham university and have a BS in Psychology. My low GPA is largely because of science courses I took while I thought that med school would be a good idea. I completed a semester of a PhD program in Psychometrics after undergrad, but left the program to enlist in the military. I'm not sure how that will be viewed.

By the time I start school in 2014 I will have completed 5 years military service. I am an Army Linguist, proficient in Arabic and Pashto. I have done some interesting things in the military, enough to fill a personal statement anyway. I deployed to Afghanistan, got a write up in the Intelligence and Security command journal, and won a Brigade level competition. I have gained lots of management experience, helping people develop, training, etc.

These sorts of things aren't very common though and I don't know how they will work as softs. I'm hoping to get some feedback on that.

I am Hispanic, though my name isn't. I don't know how that will be viewed either.

Really I just want some advice on whether I'm targeting the correct schools.

I think you have great softs, and should apply to HYS.....as well as other T14...military and being Hispanic may give you a boost, especially with a 173

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