161/3.78 for Ohio State, CU-Boulder, U of Utah?

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161/3.78 for Ohio State, CU-Boulder, U of Utah?

Postby bswann22 » Tue Jul 02, 2013 2:40 pm

So I just got my June LSAT back and got a 161. I'm somewhat disappointed, although I had really only studied for about 2-3 weeks before the test. My diagnostic was a 154, but I had a few scores in the mid 160s in the week before the actual test. I got -11 on the reading section which really shocked me. I feel like I could do substantially better if I kept studying for the October one.

But yeah, I'm not going to go through the stress and effort to retake it unless it would definitely be worth it. My top three are OSU, CU-Boulder, and U of Utah. I have a 3.78 as a PoliSci/History double major in the Ohio State honors program, should have 2 or 3 good recs, worked part time for two years at an IR think tank. I'm not a URM and I'm from a middle to slightly upper middle class background. I don't know if a 3.78/161 makes me a splitter or not, I feel like it kind of does since I'm around 75th percentile for GPA and 25th percentile for LSAT at each school.

Obviously the job market kind of sucks, and law school is expensive, so its going to be hard for me to justify going unless I get some form of scholarships coming my way. Anyway, here are my questions, if they come across as dumb sorry, this is my first time on here:

1. What are my odds at getting into the three schools I listed?
2. What are my chances at getting any kind of financial assistance as a middle class, non-URM at any of those three schools?
3. Do you guys have any opinions on if it would be worth it or not to go to one of those three schools if I had to cover the entire sticker price largely by myself?
4. Would retaking the LSAT be worth it? What score do you think I would need to hit in order to get merit money from OSU, Boulder, or Utah?
5. Does anyone else have any suggestions on some schools I should check out? If it's not in Ohio, I'd like to be in at least a medium-sized city with an affordable cost of living and mountains nearby (It'd be nice to be able to snowboard a day or two on weekends in law school).

Again, sorry if I come across as noobish, my school's advising system is ineffective, to say the least. Thanks a lot yo.


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Re: 161/3.78 for Ohio State, CU-Boulder, U of Utah?

Postby sausageandeggslover » Tue Jul 02, 2013 9:32 pm


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Re: 161/3.78 for Ohio State, CU-Boulder, U of Utah?

Postby Bronte » Tue Jul 02, 2013 9:35 pm

You have to retake here. The job prospects at the schools you've listed are dismal, you barely studied for the test, and your GPA gives you a lot of potential.

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