non-traditional circumstance, little help?

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non-traditional circumstance, little help?

Postby craig2134 » Tue Jul 02, 2013 1:28 am

Alright, so I'm the sort of case that's losing a lot of ground to the LSAC GPA calculation.

I just got back the June LSAT at 161, but plan on retaking because it's significantly lower than I was hitting on practice tests.

My community college gpa ended at 3.27, and in 2 full semesters at my bachelor's institution, I'm carrying a 4.0. My big problem is that my CC had grade forgiveness on retakes, but LSAC doesn't. I messed up terribly for a few years as an active alcoholic, failing classes etc., until I got sober Jan '12, and I've carried a 3.97 since, across both institutions.

By LSAC's rules though, I'm a 2.68 and rising.

I feel like I have strong softs; young in sobriety, small business owner, lots of volunteer work, internship with the County Prosecutor's office in the fall, steep upward trending gpa, etc. If I can convince an admissions committee to focus on the trend, then my gpa jumps up, only I'm not that optimistic.

Can anyone offer some sound advice on where I stand/ what to do? I've always been told law schools only look at the grades from the institution where you earn your BA. I'm just learning that was never true, and I feel like I'm over a barrel. I know softs matter, but not as much as I'll need them to.

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rad lulz
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Re: non-traditional circumstance, little help?

Postby rad lulz » Tue Jul 02, 2013 1:34 am

With a 161/2.68 you really can't get into a school worth going to at a feasible price

Have you got your first bachelor's? If you have, your GPA is set already and won't go up any more

If you want to go to lawl skool, you need to retake.

A 170+ score could get you into NU and high 160s you could do WUSTL or one of those splitter friendly midwestern skoolz

But job prospects from those aren't great so if you have a successful small business I'd probably just do that

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Re: non-traditional circumstance, little help?

Postby craig2134 » Tue Jul 02, 2013 1:45 am

Don't have my BA yet, I'll be starting my senior year in the fall. The LSAC formula really kills me... as is, my cum uGPA is approx. 3.6 and climbing, but that's with a number of F's & D's retaken and replaced. Without that forgiveness, it drops to that 2.68. If you look at my transcripts, there's a visible line where the 1.5's ends and the 4.0's begin. My last few practice tests vacillated around the low to mid 170's, but I'm working under the conservative assumption that 161 is what I get, and if I hit my mark on the retake it'll just be a bonus.

& the small business is undergrad student-successful, but not quite career material.

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