Super splitter: 175, 2.9 (LSDAS). Any chances at T14 $?

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Re: Super splitter: 175, 2.9 (LSDAS). Any chances at T14 $?

Postby J-e-L-L-o » Sat Mar 30, 2013 2:05 am

I wonder why no one has considered for the OP GW.

IP secure at George Washington is a very attractive option. Especially EE. They also have an ED full scholarship, but I'm not sure what the qualifications will be for the scholly. I think you would get some money there anyway applying RD w/ that LSAT.

If you want to do IP law T14 is not nearly as crucial since you can go to the Loyola Patent Fair for an extra shot at jobs outside of OCI. GW IP grads w/ EE get snatched up. I've pm'd a few students there and they have let me in on that lil secret.

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