Low LSAC gpa due to first college experience, decent lsat

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Re: Low LSAC gpa due to first college experience, decent lsat

Postby Clearly » Mon Mar 18, 2013 2:15 am

Oh brother.

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Re: Low LSAC gpa due to first college experience, decent lsat

Postby cahwc12 » Mon Mar 18, 2013 8:21 am

prabsnation wrote:I'm going to make the gamble. I appreciate you guys giving me further clarity on what I'm getting myself into. Things changed for me when I got into Pitt - I really want to work in the Pittsburgh area (have strong ties to my hometown which is also in western PA). I thought that getting into Pitt law was a pipedream with my GPA and was seeking further advice on how to proceed if/when I was denied, considering I feel I have some room to improve on my LSAT. I'm past the regret stages of not doing things right - it has not been easy to transition back into the academic world and it would be impossible for me to explain all my positive qualities and my flaws, both of which I'm aware. The grades reset in law school and I'm going to continue combing through these forums so I can try to be prepared to score well.

The five stages of grief are for dealing with loss when the only way possible is to get over it. In your case, there are things you can do to tremendously improve your situation, and you're choosing to view them as immutable.

You also seem to think a fresh slate for law school is going to cure your academic woes when it may instead exacerbate them. You have a poor work ethic as evidenced by your poor GPA and unwillingness to put anything beyond minimal effort into the LSAT (just to be clear, 162 isn't a bad score, but it's bad for you because you didn't prep for the test and admit you could score much higher).

How do you think this is going to translate into law school grades when you only control, say, <50% of the grade outcome rather than >80% in undergrad (and some would say these numbers are further apart)? The only thing you've effectively demonstrated is your commitment to self-mutilation. It's not like you just don't know that you can improve your LSAT score or look into getting retroactive withdrawals or the employment information for Pitt--you just willfully ignore it all because "I can make it since I'm motivated." What the fuck do you think the other 200 students are doing in the class? They are all unmotivated and blindly spending >$150k to circle jerk and get drunk every night?

With few exceptions, pretty much everyone going to law school believes he/she is going to finish at least median, and most 0Ls believe they will finish above median. And very many believe they will go to a shit school and just finish top 10%. Law school isn't full of people you went to undergrad with (most of whom finished with better grades than you). These are mostly people who did better than almost everyone else in high school, then did better than most of their peers in college. Most of them have been told all their lives that they are so smart and good at X, Y, and Z, and so they believe that they are special.

They are all entering law school knowing that they can be the best because they are the smartest. And for exactly half of them, they will end up below median.


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Re: Low LSAC gpa due to first college experience, decent lsat

Postby prabsnation » Mon Mar 18, 2013 12:12 pm

some factors remain as far as taking another year off and retaking the lsat. I'm 28 and I'm not as willing to take a year off as I would have been 6 years ago.

Your comments on my work ethic are accurate aside from the fact that it's more of a self-motivation problem. I don't have problems working hard within structure - I have problems doing it on my own. I struggled with it even with poker at times, although not as much because the profits were realized in real time and I was surrounded by good friends who were also successful poker players. I know it's a flaw, but I also know that the first year of law school pretty much determines how things go. I am working on it and definitely aware that I have to fight it.

You're right - it's not like the other 200 students are idiots. I'm not saying that they are; the inflection point for me though is whether I can reign in my admittedly worrisome work ethic. I've been working this semester at studying effectively in preparation for the more difficult task of law school. If I can work hard, I just don't think I'll have an issue getting a job. I know some posters pooh poohed the SAT thing, but its an indicator that with hard work, I can join elite company; it's also the only objective fact I can give you about my "capabilities".

And I hear what you're saying about controlling <50% of grade outcome, but I think there are people who manage that better than others (i.e. understanding what professors are looking for and the like). The fact is that there are a lot of people who can get 4.0's in high school and college but aren't going to perform as well when applying logic in a high pressure situation like a 1L exam.


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Re: Low LSAC gpa due to first college experience, decent lsat

Postby y2zipper » Wed Apr 03, 2013 12:29 pm

You probably shouldn't go at all if you have to pay money. That's the boat I've found myself in with a 3.0 and a 160. My situation's an obvious re-take at 27 years old, but judging by the numbers I wouldn't get somewhere worth it even if I got my score up into the 170's. I'm still watching how the cycle plays out for splitters before I decide.

Personally, I would take the risk at a bad school if it were near me and I didn't have to borrow money becuase my opportunity cost is very low, but going 100K or even 10K into debt for the chance isn't worth it to me after talking to young lawyers who are struggling. I understand the willingness to strike out, and that isn't an issue with low opportunity costs and no loans, but law is a profession in disarray right now as the numbers will tell you. It's not a way out.

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Re: Low LSAC gpa due to first college experience, decent lsat

Postby twenty » Wed Apr 03, 2013 1:34 pm

You seem like you know exactly what you're getting into, so why anyone is still trying to talk sense into you is beyond me. Only thing I'd point out that nobody else has so far is that even if you're successful in getting the job you think you'll get, you'll be flushing 35k a year down the toilet in loan payments + interest for the next ten years.

But hey, good for you for following your dreams.

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