What LSAT Would I Need to Make it Into This List?

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Re: What LSAT Would I Need to Make it Into This List?

Postby cahwc12 » Fri Mar 01, 2013 12:23 pm

BigZuck wrote:
cahwc12 wrote:
deputydog wrote:True, drop in apps though... Duke might have to let splitters in if it wants to keep its LSAT median up.

From what I read recently, Duke is one of the few schools who have seen a rise in applications this cycle. Their medians could potentially even improve, although that assumes that the spread is evenly distributed, rather than an influx of people who believe their chances to be better with below median numbers. I think Duke is going to be a winner (over Michigan/UVA) in those highly coveted, highly anticipated USNWR 2013 rankings. :wink:

But if they improve medians this cycle that won't affect this years ranking.

Last year they were one of the schools who dropped medians. I could see that hurting them, or at least causing them to remain the same rank.

Ah, right you are! Thanks for pointing that out.

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