177 LSAT, 2.5 gpa what are my chances, anywhere??

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177 LSAT, 2.5 gpa what are my chances, anywhere??

Postby tiffanyrussell10 » Sat Jan 19, 2013 1:39 pm

I graduated from high school back in 2005 and I didnt begin undergrad with the mindset that I would go on to law school upon graduation. Law School has been my interest only within the last two years. As I said, I began my undergraduate career in 2005, so when I graduated this May, that will mark 8 years that I've been in undergrad. I have had a host of medical issues since I began college, consisting of a bout with cancer, and I have successfully beat cancer. I have studied two years for the LSAT and received a 177 score. My gpa is abysmal at 2.53. My gpa doesnt reflect my full potential because I was battling cancer. I do however, have a 2 year upward trend in grades (4.0 for 4 semesters).

So here are my stats: 177 LSAT, 2.53 gpa (2 year 4.0 upward trend) and around 50 non-punitive course withdrawals from withdrawing from a great deal of semesters.

Would any halfway decent school take a chance on me, or have a screwed everything up with so many non-punitive W's? The only promising thing I have is the 177 LSAT score. Please help me somebody...


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Re: 177 LSAT, 2.5 gpa what are my chances, anywhere??

Postby eric922 » Sat Jan 19, 2013 1:44 pm

Do you have work experience? If so, you could try NorthWestern. Also, ED to UVA might get you in. Other than that I'm really not sure. You are such an extreme spliter it is really hard to predict your chances. Hopefully, someone else can give you some more answers. Good luck in your cycle.

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