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Re: 4.13/171

Postby Rahviveh » Tue Jan 15, 2013 4:43 pm

az21833 wrote:Sorry in advance for hijacking this thread but maybe hearing how I am thinking through things will help with your decision making process.

I'm in same boat, or actually worse boat, as Wert and OP as I have a 171 and a 4.

my dream is H though, with no real desire to move to california for S and lack of brilliance for Y.

I decided to apply this cycle because I think I have about a 50% chance at H as it is. If i get in, I go. If I don't I wait a cycle, retake in June or October and reapply hopefully with 173 and 4 and get in. At least that was the plan before i got this uva full ride...

Any advice on whether this is the right away to approach it? Should i even be applying this cycle? Should i just run with uva?

Relax and wait for other schools to chime in. H or CCN with a smaller scholly could be a justifiably better choice for you over UVA with a full ride depending on your career goals. Either way you're going to have great options


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Re: 4.13/171

Postby alacrity » Tue Jan 15, 2013 8:21 pm

az21833 wrote:I'm in same boat, or actually worse boat, as Wert and OP as I have a 171 and a 4.

Is there a significant difference between the strength of a 4.0 and a 4.13? I know that most people cannot earn above 4.0 due to the grading system of their school, and I thought that would be considered in the admissions process.

Also, when I put my exact numbers into mylsn and exclude URMs, it states that over the last 6 cycles 67 were accepted to H with numbers worse than mine, while 2 were rejected with better. Do those statistics have much significance as far as my current chances are concerned?

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