Military officer with 3.38/169

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Re: Military officer with 3.38/169

Postby willwash » Sat Nov 24, 2012 9:31 am

sinfiery wrote:
Doorkeeper wrote:
sinfiery wrote:I wonder if good WE is better than military experience for 9 years. I'm guessing it also depends what you do in the military past having risked your life. Which gets you far, but isn't the end all be all of acheivment for a military personal.

either way, 3.49 is going to make HYS next to impossible and UVA is going to require you getting close to your PT average. Which is harder said than done.

1) There was a poster from last year that got into H with a 3.40
2) 9 Years military service is as good of a soft as you're going to get to make a 3.49 competitive.

I'm not saying H is likely, but it's possible.

Just saw that person's LSN. Crazy, in after WL in June. Rejected at Chicago. 177 surely helps but it was still very difficult. 4 years at capitol hill was an interesting soft, wonder what the 4 years consisted of.

I see, did not know that.

So we agree, it is possible, but not likely.

Like I said, it's a dream. I can write a killer PS and hopefully will crush the LSAT next week, then we'll see. Now, one of my college semesters was a 2.7, which is pulling that 3.49 down pretty hard...I had just transfered to a better, tougher school and had a hard time adjusting...and dropping this outlier there is still a pretty solid upward trend (senior year GPA was about 3.8 ) maybe 3.49 is better than it looks...I could be wrong. PT 59 the other night was a 174 which probably wouldn't be good enough...I feel insane saying that..."174 isn't good enough" is not a statement that should ever have to be made.

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Re: Military officer with 3.38/169

Postby Bfalcon » Sun Nov 25, 2012 4:12 am

nygrrrl wrote:
FattyMcFatFat wrote: You disgust me.

And since you've been warned before about trolling the on-topics, this will earn you a 24 hour vacation.

Thanks mod, that was embarrassing to read. I sincerely hope that Fatty sorts himself out. If he doesn't, I hope you guys will consider a permanent ban. As a professional infantry soldier, I'd be ashamed to see any of my buddy's get into a sniping match like this on a public discussion board. I would expect any soldier, especially a combat arms Sgt, to have the self-control and professionalism to know better. It's the WARRIOR code...not the THUG code.

OP, cheers and thanks for the service - US Navy's been big for me and my boys and we're grateful. Good luck with the T14. You got a shot.


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Re: Military officer with 3.38/169

Postby willwash » Sun Nov 25, 2012 10:42 am


I realize I am responsible for my share of the blame for the above exchange, and I do apologize that you all had to see it. This being said, if someone on these boards insults the dignity of myself or my shipmates like that, I will defend it vigorously. I hope this is the end of it.

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