173 LSAT, 3.78 GPA, chances in T6?

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173 LSAT, 3.78 GPA, chances in T6?

Postby nefftron » Thu Nov 01, 2012 11:08 pm

Other factors:

-My GPA at the school I'm getting my degree from (non-HYP Ivy) is just 3.72. I'm getting boosted by some classes I took way back during middle school of all times, but which apparently still count now. I don't know how that might affect things.
-Generic LOR's and softs, most notable work being for an independent college newspaper and at a politics/arts magazine.

I'm pretty sure I have no shot at Stanford or Yale, maybe a snowball's chance for Harvard if high LSAT's are crashing as much as they say, but what about the rest of the Top 6? Beyond that, do I have any chance for money in the rest of the top 14? I've checked LSN already but I'm not entirely sure how recent lower application totals might be affecting things at the top. Thanks in advance.

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