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Re: Gonna do this

Postby Tiago Splitter » Fri Nov 02, 2012 3:06 pm

abcde12345 wrote:I would think that a 179 carries a lot more weight than a 177 because of medians: schools would be willing to take a GPA hit in exchange for an LSAT boost, and the more that boost the less the GPA hit hurts.

Remember they are worried about the median, not the mean. There really isn't a difference between a 177 and a 179 for a school looking to get the highest median possible. That said, Harvard does seem to require greater than a 176 for people who sneak in with lower GPAs, and Noodley obviously passes that test. But that's not really a median-maximizing strategy.

Unfortunately for us 3.5-splitters, Harvard isn't all about maximizing medians. The real problem here is that they hate to dip below 3.7 for anyone. But it's certainly worth an app.

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