Foreign undergrad - chances at Berkeley and Stanford?

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Foreign undergrad - chances at Berkeley and Stanford?

Postby PhdLaw » Fri Aug 24, 2012 7:12 pm

Hi everybody,

I decided to start a new thread to hear some of the collective TLS wisdom, mostly because I don't have an LSAC GPA so I can't use the available "predictor" tools. My stats:

- LSAT 169

- foreign undergrad degree (translated as "Superior" by LSAC; suggested US grade: A)

- PhD in hard science from a top 5 US Ivy League university

- out of school/working in research for 10 years

I'm interested mainly in IP law, Berkeley or Stanford preferably.

I'd appreciate any feedback on my chances at those 2 schools (or other suggestions)/any other advice. If anybody is/was in a similar situation (significant time out of school) - did you still ask for LORs from professors (who might not remember you too well) or from current supervisors/work colleagues?


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Re: Foreign undergrad - chances at Berkeley and Stanford?

Postby twenty » Sat Aug 25, 2012 11:23 am

Hi GPAless buddy.

From what I understand, when you're using prediction tools, assume that your GPA is exactly on the school's median. Thus, the LSAT is super important, because you won't be able to just rely on safety schools by having an (inevitably) higher GPA than median.

The hard science PhD is an awesome soft, especially from a T5 school. I think you have a solid chance at Berkeley, but you should retake. Berkeley and Stanford don't typically have long waitlists, so if you don't have numbers up to what they'd want to see, they'll reject you rather than waitlist you and give you a chance to retake. A 170 will drastically help your chances, and a 173 would probably get you pretty close to a lock at both schools.

Plus, with a low 170's score, you can apply to CCN, get decent money, and then match the scholarship to Berkeley.

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Re: Foreign undergrad - chances at Berkeley and Stanford?

Postby soj » Sat Aug 25, 2012 1:08 pm

I think you have a solid chance, but retaking for a 170+ might help.

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