3.44 /162 DC area schools + other suggestions?

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3.44 /162 DC area schools + other suggestions?

Postby bulldogblues » Thu Aug 23, 2012 12:11 pm

I've got a 3.44 LSAC GPA going into fall semester of senior year, 156/162 LSAT with some pretty intense prep for the June LSAT. Not sure I'm willing to retake again as I'm interning for a campaign and thus am booked nearly solid until Election Day in November. Money is no issue, as I'll likely be able to pull off at least 2 years, probably 3 with no debt and I have no debt from UG. Softs = semester interning in a Congressional district office, summer/semester interning with a Congressional campaign, fraternity executive board positions. May have a LOR from a former judge (he's said he would write it, but is being difficult to actually WRITE it)

I'm looking to apply to schools in the DC/Baltimore area, as my fiance lives there for work (that old ball and chain problem ;) ), but I wouldn't be opposed to others in reasonable driving/cheap flying distance. She wants me to be with her obviously, but understands if it requires a reasonable drive or very cheap flight once/twice a month.

From running my numbers, it looks like I'm in at American and Maryland, but GW is probably my reach. I plan on applying to AU, Maryland, GWU, GMU, Richmond, William & Mary, and 2 schools in my home state to make my parents happy. Any other schools you can suggest that might be a good fit, as I'm looking to stay in the mid-Atlantic region for now. Also if you know of any that are decent and may still give good $$ so I can pay for a DC wedding in the future :P that'd be great.

Thanks ahead of time

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