Chance the French (The US exists because of us)

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Re: Chance the French (The US exists because of us)

Postby jurisx » Sun Jul 22, 2012 11:20 am

jobegood wrote:To be honest im just "hoping" to be able to work for any company as soon as I pass the bar exam, I figured there is TONS of french companies in every sector everywhere in the states so it might be potential opportunities for me.
For the work permit I attended a community college for 2 years, got an AA and then transferred at UCSB. I'm now elligible to take an OPT for a year. I will get another OPT upon graduation too.
I def now that the student's caliber in law school (especially the good ones) are very different from the chill/surfer type/stoner average undergrad in SoCal. I don't know at all if I will do great but I will do "allright" for sure.

I will stay active on this forum about my current experience, my studying strategy for the LSAT and of course the results (December 1st)
Right now i'm starting to get into the "LSAT Logic Games Bible" by David Killoran that I downloaded on a peer to peer website. I will slowly but surely dissect the bible, do a few tests until I attend the TESTMASTERS course from beg october till december.

sunynp wrote:
jobegood wrote:Ohiobumpkin. ive been in the US since 5 years now. Im currently a senior at UCSB in political science/global studies. My essays and written work quality is most of the times way above my fellow american classmates. i've been taught "proper written" english which in a way gives me the advantage to not butcher the language.i consider my spoken English to be good, I obviously have an accent but its still nice.
I've always dreamed to be a lawyer and to live in the US, so here I am..
I realize that an employer might consider my situation as unstable and more complicated to deal (in term of immigration paperwork). On the other hand there is a lot of french companies that implemented in America and that would like to be represented by a maternal french speaker. I also have an unused 1 year work permit and another coming up upon graduation (the third one coming after law school graduation too) I don't know if I can add up 3 years like this but at least I will have 3x one year.
Lastly for the LSAT I downloaded some test online and so far on the logic games I'm constantly scoring a 100% so I don't think the language will be an issue whatsoever


Ohiobumpkin wrote:Maybe I missed something, but why are you looking to go to law school in the U.S. Do you plan to work here? Also, you should consider since you come from abroad you won't be able to leverage any ties to non-primary markets in your job search. That could put a damper on your job prospects. Furthermore, if your English isn't REALLY good, I wouldn't think law school would be the best fit, given the dense and complex nature of many cases and statutes.

Be careful about the work permits. I don't know where you have the first one from, but I don't think they defer just because you are in school. You will definitely have one year from graduation of college.

What French companies are in Texas that you think you might work for? It might actually be easier to be hired out of the headquarters in France and then sent to the US as a worker. Don't know.

Also be careful about assuming that your work will be on the level of other law students. Don't forget that your average college student is not going to law school. You will be facing much more difficult competition in law school along with the mandatory curve. And that competition will for the most part be highly motivated, unlike your typical undergrad. I'm not saying you can't do it, just don't be complacent about the competition you will have with the other students in your class.

One more thing, test yourself on RC. For some people that is the hardest section. Not being a native English speaker might hurt you in that section more than any other.

WTF would you put quote marks on "hoping"? Why are you posting on top?

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Re: Chance the French (The US exists because of us)

Postby sunynp » Sun Jul 22, 2012 11:57 am

You should look into the work visa after completing a degree. I think it has to be completed within 12 -14 months of the degree being awarded. I don't think you still have the one from community college. I might be wrong. This is a question I haven't seen before as most people take the work experience and then go to the next degree.


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Re: Chance the French (The US exists because of us)

Postby jurisx » Sun Jul 22, 2012 12:00 pm

wrap up the credits plus a few cleps to get the BA.

Some states allow just an AA, but the schools prefer a BA.

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Re: Chance the French (The US exists because of us)

Postby Ohiobumpkin » Mon Jul 23, 2012 8:36 pm

What kind of French companies do you see yourself working for? Perhaps you could look into international trade law in order to increase the marketability of your language skills.


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Re: Chance the French (The US exists because of us)

Postby jobegood » Tue Jul 24, 2012 3:55 am

So far in the good law schools I'm thinking to apply to there are U of Arizona and U of Florida that have an international trade law program, still looking though

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