3.4, 168, retaking October

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3.4, 168, retaking October

Postby cahwc12 » Thu Jul 05, 2012 2:28 am

I have some softs but nothing too amazing I think... spent 2 years teaching in Korea after undergrad, can speak Korean moderately (not fluent although I hope to be someday), leadership in UG activities, volunteer work, etc.

I moved to California this summer to try and establish residency because I really want to attend law school and practice here or in Korea (although that wasn't the only reason I came here). That said:


How am I looking at these schools? Will applying as an in-stater give me any boost in admissions (to the three CA schools)? Should I be lowering my expectations, or, if I score better in October, raising them at all? I plan to retake in October, and I scored a bit lower than I was expecting (who doesn't?)... I was PT'ing around 173, so I'm hoping to do a bit better on retake. I think I can realistically attain 175+, but 173 would be great, and really anything over 170 would be fine with me. Would a higher LSAT score give me any shot at money to any of these schools? Or what schools might I be able to apply at with my numbers and get scholarship to? Where would a 3.4 and low 170's garner scholarship offers at?

I'm not sure what else to add, but please let me know, and thanks for any advice.

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Re: 3.4, 168, retaking October

Postby Jeffort » Fri Jul 06, 2012 12:47 am

In state residency does help for schools in the area. Admission committees take that into account when making admission decisions and offers.

They do consider the question: "What are the chances this applicant will commit and matriculate if we accept him/her?" based on geography since moving/relocating across country is a royal pain and involves leaving familiar territory where family and friends are, etc.

It is something students also take into consideration since it is important regarding where to plant roots, network, hopefully get an intern/extern clerkship opportunity while in LS and then eventually where to have the best opportunities for a good law job and practice after graduating.

For the law schools you listed, your LSAT score is low in combination with your GPA. You must improve it into the 170s range to have good chances at those schools, especially to be have a good chance of being offered scholarship $$.

If you plan to plant roots in SoCal and be a lawyer in the area, USC is a great choice. The alumni network is very strong, much stronger than with UCLA grads, but a JD from UCLA would also open up many good opportunities.

Bottom line though, you have to up your LSAT score by at least 4-5 points on the October test to have a solid chance of being admitted to any of the schools you listed given your UGPA.

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