Premature "What are my chances?" query...

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Premature "What are my chances?" query...

Postby elterrible78 » Sat Mar 31, 2012 1:14 pm

Hey everyone, I just found this site and registered a few days ago. It really is a great source of information.

I will be taking the LSAT in June. I typically do very well on standardized tests, and I have been preparing for a couple weeks at this point. At the beginning, the logic games were more or less whipping my ass, but the Logic Games Bible has been a tremendous help (which seems to be the case for almost everyone). My last four prep tests under simulated testing conditions have been 175, 177, 178, and 175 (my first two were 167 and 168, but I haven't scored sub-171 since). Although I realize (trust me, do I ever realize) that nothing in life is a given, I am reasonably confident that with a couple more months preparation, I will be able to score a 175 or maybe even higher. the hypothetical situation that I do score a 175, how do you see things going for me in the T-14 with the following:

3.85 undergrad GPA (LSDAS). My transcript GPA says 3.95, but when I was a silly and impetuous 19-year-old, I just stopped showing up for a class, thinking I'd never go back to school again. I got an F for the class, but under my UG school's academic forgiveness policy, had that grade "uncalculated" from my GPA. After starting school again at age 25 with one semester already under my belt, my only non-A was an A- in a music history class. 4.0 in my major and minor, (history and economics, respectively). My undergrad was a fairly low-ranked public university (the University of Southern Maine).


3.93 grad school GPA. I have an MA in Latin American Studies with concentrations in Political Science and Economics, passed all qualifying exams with distinction. I also was awarded a few grants to do field research in Argentina, and as an incoming grad student, got one of a handful of my university's Dean's Supplemental Stipends for the most promising incoming grad students. I got my MA at the University of New Mexico, which is not necessarily a big-name school, but has one of the top grad programs in Latin American Studies. I worked as a Spanish and economics tutor and as a research assistant while attending.

Aside from my two years at grad school, I have worked full time since I was 18-years-old (I am now 33) and worked 30 hours per week while at grad school. Prior to and during undergrad, I worked full time in the social services field as a manager, and since grad school I have worked in the military. I'm currently working as a criminal analyst attached to DHS's Homeland Security Investigations.

I published my grad school field research as a chapter in a book on economic development in Latin America, and presented it at a few conferences in the southwest.

I, as I stated, am in the New Mexico Army National Guard. I joined at age 31, and my MOS (military occupational specialty) is All-Source Intelligence Analyst. I graduated with highest honors from the course (which was a piece of cake from an academic standpoint, but I also had to get a very high score on the physical fitness test to graduate with honors).

I have spent a good deal of time traveling and studying in Latin America.

I am a volunteer translator for the microcredit website.

I am an avid runner (this, I realize, is probably reaching a bit with the whole "softs" concept ;-)

I think that's about it.

Obviously if I have a 3.85 and a 175 LSAT, I'll be competitive at lots of top-14 schools. This isn't just a post in which I am pretending I have no idea that this is the case. The difference between my transcript GPA and LSDAS GPA (3.95 vs. 3.85) actually could have a fairly sizable impact towards the top of the T14, though. What I am mostly curious about is honest evaluations of my soft factors, and how they may or may not make up for that GPA difference. Additionally, any insight anyone can give on where I might be in terms of competition for scholarships at T14 schools would be great.

A final note: As I've made clear, I am very, very well aware that I have not yet taken the LSAT so this is pure speculation. If you feel the need to point that out to me, just let me thank you right now, in advance, for your concern and save you the trouble of posting it ;-)

Thanks to any and all who might share their wisdom/experiences/info!

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Re: Premature "What are my chances?" query...

Postby PARTY » Sat Mar 31, 2012 1:15 pm


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Re: Premature "What are my chances?" query...

Postby Tom Joad » Sat Mar 31, 2012 1:18 pm

Get that 175 and you will be competitive at HYS and in with money everywhere else, most likely. Congrats on being smart and having a good career.

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Re: Premature "What are my chances?" query...

Postby twenty » Sat Mar 31, 2012 2:55 pm

If you get the 175, you'll be competitive. If you get the 175, and you're Mexican-American, you're basically a lock at H, probably S too. Also, definitely send an application to Yale. Make sure you apply early in the year (October-ish)

Grats on kicking ass. Also, TLS hates you for stealing our seats.

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