Here Goes

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Here Goes

Postby kfeaston » Tue Mar 20, 2012 5:58 am

Here goes,

I currently have a 3.72 GPA at my undergrad school and will graduate with my bachelors this June with a 3.77 by then. However, I screwed up a lot in the past at the past 2 colleges I went to prior for a range of reasons and my LSAC cumalative GPA is a 2.68 because of it! I scored a 158 on the LSAT. I applied to these school a couple weeks ago (today is March 18th 2012). William and Mary will give their responses next week! I got an Associates of Science from Community College with a 2.96 GPA. I went to VCU for 2 semesters and totally flunked out due to unforeseen issues. KILLED MY CUMALATIVE GPA!!!

I am trying to get into William and Mary and Seton Hall. PREFERABLY William and Mary

Good Stuff:

I am a 40% disabled Marine Corps Iraq War Veteran

I have recently made the "Phi Theta Kappa" All Virginia Academic Team and next month I am suppose to get a medal for it! (and I am currently waiting to see if I made the All USA team)

One of the schools I went to and screwed up at (VCU) I won their Spring 2008 bench press contest (for my weight class)

I am my school's student President for our school's Student Veterans of America (SVA) Chapter (club) (a national organization)

I am my school's Vice-President for our school's Business Club

I am in my school's honor society "Phi Theta Kappa"

I attend student advisory board meetings

I always make Dean's List

There was a 2 year gap of time between my last (horrible Failed out for 2 semesters due to becoming homeless) school and current school where I have a 3.72 currently

I wrote a 3 page addendum explaining how my unfortunate circumstances affected my academic performance at the prior schools (homeless and went bankrupt)

I felt my Personal Statements were strong

I know my cumalative GPA and LSAT score suck but with everything above and what I will mention for the following 2 schools do I have a chance? and I am a white male.

William and Mary- I am a legacy to their law school as my father graduated from their law school in '75 and no, he did not donate money to them over the years. I have been talking to the admissions lady multiple times via email, on the phone, and in person multiple times. Interview seemed to go well.

Seton Hall- None of my family went to their law school however, My Father went to the regular Seton Hall campus for his bachelors, my mother went there for her bachelors and masters, my brother went there (on a free ride scholarship thanks to my father) and got his bachelors. My grandfather was a tenured professor there, and my father was the department head of the Tax department there and is a tenured professor there and has taught there since 1988.

Do I have a chance at these 2 schools with all I have going for me?

Thank you!

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Re: Here Goes

Postby Mr. Somebody » Tue Mar 20, 2012 12:05 pm

I can't see any of those details you mentioned making a difference at all EXCEPT your status as a disabled war veteran. I've seen others on this board do extremely well in outperforming their numbers because of vet status. It seems like one of those softs that truly have an impact. So, I guess it's possible you could slip into Seton Hall. Probably not W&M. Your numbers are just too low for a lot of schools to swallow. If these are really your dream schools, then get your LSAT score in the mid-160s and re-apply. You'd have great chances then...

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Re: Here Goes

Postby DCDuck » Wed Apr 11, 2012 11:22 am

If you re-apply earlier in the cycle, you will have a better chance at acceptance. If you don't get in to either school this cycle, apply earlier. Even if nothing in your application changes between now and then, the earlier application will significantly increase your chances at acceptance. Good luck!

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