161 - No GPA (Evaluation Portfolio), Weird Academic records

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161 - No GPA (Evaluation Portfolio), Weird Academic records

Postby Macjeeves » Thu Feb 09, 2012 5:43 pm

So I have been working on my applications for a long time. I think I may skip this cycle and retake the LSAT in June. The question I have is that my listed GPA is for only a small amount of credits I received in community college. For the bulk of my academic career, I have an Evaluation Portfolio instead of a GPA. These are the professor's summations of the work completed in the class and my performance. These are all strong (and conveniently double as LoR's in a way) but I'm afraid no school will take them seriously.

My GPA from Community College is very low, and I actually have a very bad academic record (required leave, probation, in-and-out of school, etc), pretty much spanning all the way to Middle School, until a certain year (2007).

I also have a sort of lengthy, albeit benign criminal record (Theft 3, Malicious Mischief 3, Sale or Possession of Fireworks which was dismissed, and a seatbelt infraction) Most of these were as a juvenile, but a bench warrant was issued for one when I moved to out of state. The warrant either was never officially issued, or was dropped when the charge was dismissed.

Anyways, should I even be applying to law school? Since 2007 I have a stellar academic record, have some great internship/work experience, strong LoR's, and the benefit of a comprehensive evaluation of my college performance.


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Re: 161 - No GPA (Evaluation Portfolio), Weird Academic records

Postby LawSchoolChampion » Thu Feb 09, 2012 10:44 pm

I have no idea how the LSAT will rate your GPA, but I would imagine they can not equate or evaluate your "academic record" into a tangible GPA. They'll probably take your CC courses and other graded courses and make that your GPA - I honestly do not know though.


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Re: 161 - No GPA (Evaluation Portfolio), Weird Academic records

Postby KingsBench » Fri Feb 10, 2012 3:29 am

I'm not sure if this is right myself, but I'm going to hazard a guess that they'll maybe give you one of the LSAC rankings for overseas students (i.e.: Superior/Above Average/etc.) - I can't really see them just taking your community college grades on their own, since that doesn't really accurately represent the totality of your undergraduate education.

Best of luck!

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Re: 161 - No GPA (Evaluation Portfolio), Weird Academic records

Postby furcifer » Fri Feb 10, 2012 3:51 am

No GPA? I have always been jealous of people who had that and/or the "extended GPA" where you can get a 5.0 GPA. Inflated? HellzYeah, but in this stinkin rat race who cares? Whatever gets the extra edge, go for it.

I'd ask your undergrad student services if they can somehow convert it to a GPA for you, and if not there has to be other grads who went onto grad school for MBA,JD,etc before you did. Ask them how they did it (the school or the students, either ones) and they should know the answers to how to get it done best working with what you have available to you.

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