What are my chances...Good LSAT/Lower GPA URM

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What are my chances...Good LSAT/Lower GPA URM

Postby jmtyner11 » Wed Dec 21, 2011 9:15 pm

I have a 3.14, got a 147 first time (was going through a really rough personal time listed in my addendum) and a 159 the next time around. I also have URM status. I have experience working at a law firm, was President of my fraternity, played four years of lacrosse, and am in the Political Science National Honors Society. Strong LORs too.

I am applying to...Northeastern, BC, Baltimore, Maryland, American, GW, Tulane, Loyola New Orleans, UC Hastings, San Diego, and Santa Clara. What are my best shots? Still waiting to hear back on the apps...

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Re: What are my chances...Good LSAT/Lower GPA URM

Postby law4vus » Wed Dec 21, 2011 9:24 pm

1) What kind of URM?

2) Your apps are everywhere geographically. Where do you want to practice?

3) Hate to say it, but not many people on this site would consider a 159 a "good" LSAT, especially considering the low GPA.

As for your list, you probably have a good shot everywhere with GW being the toughest bet. If you took the LSAT one more time and got a 165, you're set for a T14 school in most cases.

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