This cycle or next? Or both?

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Re: This cycle or next? Or both?

Postby Samara » Fri Dec 16, 2011 3:25 pm

rayz33 wrote:
LawSchoolChampion wrote:You're not super likely to get a scholorship unless you hit the upper end of your practice tests, and even then, it's not too common.

You could get in this cycle with no $, defer, and go next year - I would not reccomend that.

Wait until you get your score, if it's a 175+, finish your entire application and wait until next cycle. If it isn't, you mine as well study, re-take, and aim for the 175+ mark.

You have the possibility of recieving some money if you apply EARLY next year, and it certainly won't hurt your chances of acceptance.

I like it. See what comes back from the December writing and retake as needed. Apps out first day next cycle. Much appreciated.

One question: Any harm in using the LORs dated for this cycle for next? Could ask for re-submissions, no problem -- just curious.

Nope, no harm. Just as a long as there isn't time or school-specific info.

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