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Re: 3.76/173

Postby danielhay11 » Sun Oct 30, 2011 6:37 pm

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Re: 3.76/173

Postby IAFG » Sun Oct 30, 2011 6:47 pm

DoubleChecks wrote:
IAFG wrote:What statistics are you citing?

TFA does not signal maturity any more than any other two years of work experience. Schools can interview everyone, and Northwestern very nearly does. Someone with your numbers is a longshot at H anyway.

Are you saying that, based on a pretty good sample of LSN applicants, those with TFA have not over-performed their numbers? That'd be pretty good evidence against the more commonly shared belief that TFA = strong soft.

Based on my 3 years of tracking this stuff, TFA does not appear to be a game-changer. I don't have a spreadsheet to back it up, though.

I don't know that it's a "commonly shared belief" among TLS's non-0Ls.

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