AA male needs advice

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AA male needs advice

Postby Futuristic » Sun Oct 02, 2011 8:38 pm

I have a 3.2 LSAC GPA and just retook my LSAT Oct 1st. My pt average leading up to the test was 165ish, and I feel pretty good about the exam itself. Now this is my retake/reapply year and I did so in order to get into the T14 or UT/Vandy.

Predicament: I was considering EDing to UVA if my score was below a 165 and not doing so if it was 165 or higher. So my question is whether that seems like my best shot at an acceptance to the T14, and if not at what point (score) should I consider an ED or not.

I do understand I don't have my score back but I would like to get some advice on my options and have a solid plan when I do get my score. (And honestly I am going crazy waiting for my score and it's just Day 1)


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