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Postby sunrat » Wed Jul 13, 2011 6:40 pm

Econ/poly sci major '09 from a top ranked Midwestern private university. A year working on a campaign, but not working now. Not URM.

My cold diagnostic was 168. I think I under performed a bit and will be studying hard and retaking in October. Hoping for 173+.

If I want to reach for NU, Georgetown, and Virginia (maybe others depending on Oct), what should my ED strategy be? Should I not even bother with ED if I think I can improve? Also not really sure how to weigh getting into those schools vs. money at lower ranked schools.

Thanks for any advice!


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Re: 170/2.99

Postby WSJ_Law » Wed Jul 13, 2011 7:22 pm

Unless your goal is higher than NU/Gtown/UVA, a retake yielding a 172 wont be extremely helpful as you are currently at median with your 170. If your goal is higher than these schools (like CCN) then you may want to retake and work another year and distance yourself from your lower-end GPA.

UVA ED seems to favor high GPA / lower LSAT (reverse splitters) so you may want to seek more advice there. Their turnaround with ED applicants is quick however, so ostensibly you could ED UVA if its your first choice, and then if you do get dinged, continue EDing another place as well, business as usual.

NU however is an established splitter friendly school. The fact that you have 1 year work experience will definitely help you there as long as you sell it as a rewarding professional experience. Might want to trump up your econ background and demonstrate interest in corporate law as well as interest in remaining in the midwestern region (even if this is not true). Remember your goal in apps as far as strategy is to make the school believe that their institution is the only one for you: a perfect match.

As for Gtown, I would tailor your application to emphasize your interest/experience in politics (read: DC) and convince them why DC. Be prepared to be admitted at sticker under ED, so you may want to forgo ED in the event that you need/would like merit aid. T20s like WUSTL will offer you a lot. Vanderbilt may also be worth an app, and they have been known to match WUSTL merit aid occasionally and to the extent they are able (Full rides much more common at WUSTL).

You have a fantastic LSAT score. Best of luck!


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Re: 170/2.99

Postby firemed » Wed Jul 13, 2011 8:10 pm

My understanding is that if you get another job in the next few weeks, and then apply to NU and interview well you should get in.... even with your current score.

As for the others, I can't say... But I am guessing you would get into Gtown.

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