3.99 / cancel + 166; Boalt possible?

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3.99 / cancel + 166; Boalt possible?

Postby thecactus » Thu Jun 30, 2011 10:21 pm


I'm one year out of college, and here is what my application looks like so far:

GPA: 3.99 (double major Sociology + English from a top 10 public school)
LSAT: one cancel + 166; will definitely retake in October

I'll throw some of my softs out there (not sure if they're above or below average):
-certified rape crisis counselor
-President of my undergrad Mock Trial team
-substantial volunteer hours

My dream school is UC Berkeley. I really, really, really want to stay in the California (preferably the Bay Area) if at all possible, but I wouldn't mind relocating to another metro area for three years if the school is prestigious enough.

My questions are:
-I am definitely applying to all California schools, but I am at a loss as to what other schools in the top 20 I should apply to. Which non-Cali schools do you think I have a shot at? Any other schools similar to Berkeley in terms of atmosphere/culture/philosophy, etc.?
-Should I spend the application money on Hastings, USF, or Santa Clara, only by virtue of their locations? Or am I a shoe-in at a higher-ranked school elsewhere?

Thanks for your time and any insight you may have.

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Re: 3.99 / cancel + 166; Boalt possible?

Postby Tiago Splitter » Thu Jun 30, 2011 10:31 pm

Boalt is possible but you are still under 50-50.

http://berkeley.lawschoolnumbers.com/ap ... ,8&type=jd

I'd give Hastings a shot given your goal of ending up in the Bay Area, but there is no reason to even consider USF or Santa Clara. You definitely have a shot in the lower T-14 and and should picks some schools you like down to about BC.

Too bad Berkely doesn't do ED because if it's your dream school I don't see how you could ED anywhere else.


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Re: 3.99 / cancel + 166; Boalt possible?

Postby neuroticjew » Thu Jun 30, 2011 10:32 pm

I'm no expert (sending my apps after the October LSAT comes in), but if LSP is any guide, you're a "Strong Consider" for Boalt. LSN is slightly less optimistic, but still gives you a chance. I wouldn't think you have much of a shot at ultra-selective Stanford, as far as top-ranked California schools go, but a chance at Boalt and according to LSP an "Admit" at one other T14 school, Cornell. Also good chances at UCLA and USC, and almost-certain admit at Davis, Hastings, and the rest. And then there's Irvine if you're willing to be cutting-edge. Forget USF and Santa Clara; you can do way better.

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