3.94 / two 159's

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Re: 3.94 / two 159's

Postby bdubs » Thu Jun 30, 2011 3:28 pm

NYCbound35 wrote:
leche wrote:One more LSN question - what do the abbreviations mean?

W next to "accepted" or "waitlisted"
A next to "accepted"
U, N, or I next to applicant (U = URM?)

A = attending
W = withdrawn
N = Non Traditional Applicant (old people)
I = no idea?
F = Fee Waiver

numbers next to school is the user's ranking of the school

oh yeah, and the most important one

R= Retake

I = International applicant

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Re: 3.94 / two 159's

Postby leche » Thu Jun 30, 2011 3:42 pm

CanadianWolf wrote:For "animal law" (assuming the four legged kind & not indicating a preference to become a sports agent): Consider: Lewis & Clark and GWU.

Lewis & Clark offers substantial couses in both of your ares of interest--environmental law & animal rights.

Yeah, and that is why Lewis & Clark has been one of my choices from day 1, (especially now, because I don't want to take the test again) but everyone told me to get a better score and go to Berkeley instead.

And haha at the joke. Yes I mean the four-legged variety.

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