178/3.4. UVa/Penn chances?

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178/3.4. UVa/Penn chances?

Postby KBly » Tue Jun 28, 2011 12:23 am

178, 3.4, from a middle of the pack university. White male. Looking at T14, specifically UVa and UPenn, right now leaning toward Penn. The law school calculators seemed to give me good odds at Penn, but looking at LSN I see a lot of waitlists for my numbers. Original plan was to maybe not do an ED and see if I could get money, a few people told me with this high of an LSAT I'd be a lock for most T14 schools, but now I don't know. What would my chances at UVa/Penn be if I did early decision to one as opposed to no ED? Also looking at Duke, NYU, Columbia, really most T14.

Some additional info: I graduate in December, and my GPA has a strong upward trend, with a 4.0 last semester and 3.8 the one before. I'm an environmental studies major, which brings up another question: How much do law schools consider major? Because science majors, at least at my school, generally have lower GPA's than say Poli Sci or English majors (I've had multiple professor's tell me only 10% of the class gets an A). Thanks.

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