Southeast & $$

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Southeast & $$

Postby jmann123 » Wed May 04, 2011 12:34 pm

Hey all,

I'm sitting on a 3.52 in Industrial Engineering and a 170 (took last june). My ECs are "good enough" (student government 3 years) and I have 2 LORs secured. I'll be using june-august to polish off my apps since engineering makes it hard to do during the fall. In other words, I'll be applying about as soon as applications are accepted.

My questions: Where would you suggest if I probably don't want to leave the southeast, and would be very happy to get $$$! For that reason, UF Levin is looking most opportune (I'm a UF undergrad), but something about spending 7 straight years in Gainesville...

I would love to go to UVA, Duke, or even Vandy, but getting in obviously doesn't mean I can afford it. I am of course aware of loans and assistance, but I am seriously debt-averse.

I've also been told that requesting a fee waiver will usually work if done in june- does this sound wrong to you? The more places I can apply for free, the more places I will apply.


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Re: Southeast & $$

Postby TheFactor » Wed May 04, 2011 2:43 pm

Vandy could throw you some $$ but it might not be enough, considering your stated debt aversion. Your numbers are too good for UF. I wouldn't go there with less than a full-ride if I were you. If you are dead set on staying in the South, I'd apply to Emory...they are probably the highest ranked school in the South that will throw you a ton of dough.

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Re: Southeast & $$

Postby beachbum » Wed May 04, 2011 2:51 pm

UVA and Duke probably aren't happening without an ED (and thus a minimal or nonexistent scholarship). Vandy will probably give you some money, but not THAT much. Emory, UGA, Florida, Bama, et al will open their checkbooks. Apply to all of these and see what happens.

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