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Postby hyrule » Mon Apr 25, 2011 3:10 am

I've been debating law school for a couple of years now. Basically, I keep going back and forth between receiving my J.D. or enrolling in a secondary education certification program. However, I took the December LSAT and received a 174, which has pushed me to slightly favor the law school track. (I was pretty surprised at the 174. I never received over a 172 on practice tests. Maybe taking it in December was to my advantage?)

-- I attend a large, un-prestigious Wisconsin state university (UW-Milwaukee). I'm about to finish my English/History double major (useless, I know) with a 4.0 GPA, given I don't bomb my final class, which I'll be taking this summer.
-- As for softs, I've been a full-time office manager for about six months now. I'll continue my position from now until law school. I also work in my school's writing lab, have received a couple of academic awards, and have had a few items published in literary magazines. Overall, I have nothing spectacular on my resume that would set me apart at HYS.
-- I have no law office experience, but I'm currently looking into internships. I just need to find more time.
-- I'm a white female.

My questions are:

-- Should I apply to Harvard, Yale, and Stanford? I feel like I'm not far off from a Harvard acceptance, but I don't know where I stand with the other two schools considering my sub-175 LSAT. Any chance?
-- How far down the rankings list would I have to go to expect a decent amount of merit aid? A six-figure debt doesn't sound like a good time, especially considering a good job isn't guaranteed these days.
-- If I wanted to eventually practice in Wisconsin, would it make more sense for me to take a full ride to UW-Madison than attend schools one through fourteen?

As a side note, the schools I'm most interested in are: Berkeley, Virginia, and Duke. Outside of the top-14, I'm also interested in UCLA and William and Mary, but that's the gloomy Milwaukee weather talking. (=

I'm sorry these aren't all chance-related, but I didn't want to start multiple threads. Thank you!
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Re: 174/4.0

Postby Kabuo » Mon Apr 25, 2011 3:21 am

Y and S are hard to predict but certainly worth an application. H seems close to a lock provided your PS isn't terrible and addressed to Yale or something. It depends on the type of law you want to practice. Any of HYS seem superior to a full ride at UW for pretty much anything, but it'd be easier to say if we knew what you hoped to accomplish with a JD.

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Re: 174/4.0

Postby JamMasterJ » Mon Apr 25, 2011 3:47 am

Same as what the other poster suggested as far as YHS chances.

On the money issue: I would way you are a strong candidate for a full ride or close at CCN and will almost definitely get full at MV and or P.

The one thing on the other hand to consider is that if you are completely set on working in Wisconsin after graduation, the school has some deal with the Bar Association where if you graduate from UW-Madison, you are admitted to the bar (I believe without taking the exam). However, I think it would be silly to pass up a Darrow or Ruby for a full ride to UW, because of the options outside the state of Wisconsin that a T14 education would give you.

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