172, 2.84, Two Years Work Experience Chances Please (UPDATE)

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Re: 172, 2.84, Two Years Work Experience Chances Please (UPDATE)

Postby Flustercluck » Wed Mar 09, 2011 8:48 pm

Sub 3.0 NU ED admit here, but I'm URM.

That said though, there are plenty of URM candidates with better GPAs and LSATs than mine (Did not hit NUs median) so I think soft factors outside of just URM played a role.

Interviewing seems to be a very key piece of admissions, especially considering the personalities of other admitted students I have met. All very personable, quick on their feet, and outgoing. I've been told I am a very strong interviewer (one time even by an employer who said that if it came down to interview alone he would have hired me on the spot, but that he had another candidate with 3x as many years in the field and had to give her the position), and I'm pretty sure that played a role.

Also, do believe ED is an absolute must with such a low GPA. There are many other URMS on Hold who applied RD with better LSATs than mine, some with lower GPAs and some with higher. If you look at the #s for ED admits on LSN and around TLS, you'll see the range is a lot broader than it is for RD admits.


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Re: 172, 2.84, Two Years Work Experience Chances Please (UPDATE)

Postby StateSchoolSplitter » Sun Mar 13, 2011 2:10 am

StateSchoolSplitter wrote:
StateSchoolSplitter wrote:Friendly BUMP.

Still looking to hear more about chances @ NU (top school choice).

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