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Postby gogamecocks » Fri Feb 11, 2011 3:35 pm

3.92 UGPA, 162 LSAT score. 2 years out of ug, non URM. Applying to the following schools, whatre my chances?

Wake Forest
South Carolina
William & Mary
Vandy (mainly to see what their rejection letter looks like, I bet the stationary is really classy)

Thanks for the help everyone

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Re: 3.9/162

Postby ndirish2010 » Fri Feb 11, 2011 3:50 pm

In before 'retake.'

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Re: 3.9/162

Postby michigan_man » Fri Feb 11, 2011 3:55 pm

other than "retake," you need to think hard about what state you want to live and practice in for the rest of your life, because none of those schools (except vanderbilt, which you most definitely won't get into with a 162) are portable. either retake the lsat, or pick where you want to settle down.

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