3.35/175 Chances?

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Re: 3.35/175 Chances?

Postby Soilus » Fri Jan 21, 2011 8:15 pm

I realized a few months into my mgmt consulting gig that I'm a man of letters, not numbers. I was a policy debater in high school, I love thinking conceptually, and the analytical/etc skills are covered with the consulting thing.

My decision came down to this: the three careers I'm interested in are IB, consulting, law. IB is out because I don't want to be an Excel monkey for life. So it's between consulting and law - and to me this decision is really about quant vs. qual skills. I want to be a litigator not consultant, and I want to work with concepts not numbers. Money/lifestyle are similar, so is prestige, so I can honestly say that my desire to go to law school is motivated purely by the fact that I actually want to practice law/go to law school than do consulting/go to business school.

Of course, I'm going to try to keep my options open by doing the JD/MBA if possible. However, after my degree, I plan on going to a law firm and not a typical post-MBA job.

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Re: 3.35/175 Chances?

Postby trudat15 » Fri Jan 21, 2011 9:01 pm

If you got into Wharton, I'm sure Penn would be easy to backdoor into (just a guess). OTherwise, the t14 is filled with great JD/MBA options. As mentioned earlier, Columbia and Northwestern (and Yale) give you the 3 year option, and NYU, Chicago, Penn, Berk, etc etc obviously have great B schools that you can do a joint degree at.

At this point, there's nothing you can really do to up chances (since GPA isnt moving) except knock the LSAT out of the park. Your LORs are pretty much set, and you'll have good work experience. As for LSAT, try and stress yourself out if you can. 6-8 section tests to work on stamina. 32 minute sections for timing. Proctors that F up on calling 5 minutes (if you read the LSAT forum, this happens all the time and it sucks for those that get the "3 minutes left" warning instead of 5). Basically anything you can do to make test taking conditions hard. Since you've already taken 50PTs, you probably have very little left to work with, so make them valuable.

As for other questions left unanswered - ED helps at schools, but it varies how much at the different schools. People seem to think it helps a lot at NU and UVa, whereas not so much at Columbia. FWIW, I ED'd Chicago and got in, whereas some people with my numbers got WL RD. Dont know much about NYU, but looking at the NYU ED thread in the Acceptances forum might be a good place to look for that. If money is not a huge concern, and if parents might be willing to chip in for a good school, make sure to make good use of your ED. Dont waste it on a super reach (Columbia may or may not qualify here, would need to do more research for that), use it so you can get assure yourself a great school (Chicago and NYU are my thoughts for really good shots ED for you).

As for the poster that mentioned LSN - absolutely credited. Research like crazy on there. Sort by ED, RD, look at WL/IN/OUT and compare numbers.

PS - just make sure its really well written. You'll be a splitter, so anything helps. And adcomms obviously like good writers. If you have any addenda, same thing. Why essays will be a good idea for anything below CCN, and maybe even CCN (or mentioning Why in the PS for these schools).

And submit early. September 1. Then you'll have done whatever you can to get into a good school.

Good luck man. Just finished my cycle myself and I'm envious of how on top of stuff you are this early before you apply. I learned everything as I was applying and had a few late apps because of it.

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Re: 3.35/175 Chances?

Postby Soilus » Mon Jan 24, 2011 11:12 am

Thanks for all the advice, I really appreciate it. I wish I had more foresight and that I hadn't screwed around as an undergrad but such is life.

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