School chances, plus any other ideas? (3.33/167)

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School chances, plus any other ideas? (3.33/167)

Postby philswfc2008 » Tue Jan 11, 2011 5:22 pm

Hey everyone. New to the forum as a poster, but I've been reading the forum(s) for a few months now. I am wondering, based on my LSAT and GPA, what my chances are at the schools I have applied to (mainly, two of them), and more importantly - if there are other realistic options that fit what I am looking for. I am applying for admission beginning Fall 2011.

Before I post my stats and whatnot, note that I have used the law school calculation websites frequently referenced here on numerous occasions, so I do have a decent idea of where I stand. Of course, any other information that would help me is a big plus (and is why I am posting - I would just like to garner as much info as possible). stats and whatnot...I've taken the LSAT twice. In October, I got a 163. Just recently last month (December), I improved my score to a 167. My undergrad (and LSAC) GPA is a 3.33 at a large state school (Penn State, to be exact). My GPA was upward trending (3.15 half-way through college, 3.51 the second half of undergrad). My major was Journalism, minor Political Science (if that makes any difference). I am one year out of undergrad (Graduated in May 2010), so I'll have one year in between college and law school. I have nothing really else notable that sticks out about my application, although my resume (hopefully) will be helped a little bit by my current job, which is as a clerk at a mid-sized law firm in Center City Philadelphia (a job in which I will have held for a year by the time I enter law school).

After I took the October LSAT, I submitted applications to five schools (the applications were completed, but a hold was placed since I knew I was taking the test again in September): Villanova, Temple, Pitt, American, and Drexel. After getting my second and higher score back last week (167), I submitted additional applications to Boston College and George Washington. The official, LSAT-completed submission dates would thus be 1/6 for the first five schools, and 1/9 for the second two.

So, to sum things up...what do you think my chances are at those seven schools? From what I think I have learned, Drexel (which is pretty much my safety school) seems like a very safe bet. I think my chances at Villanova, Temple, and Pitt seem likely. I think American is a better-than-average shot. And I would guess that GWU is a reach (maybe 30% chance), while BC is a slightly-under-50% chance.

In addition, I am on the hunt for any other schools that might be a good fit, most preferably on the East Coast, close to a major city (such as Boston or D.C. - I think I've pretty much tapped out Philly except for Penn, which I have no shot at). I'm also thinking of throwing out an application to Boston University, but I am debating the wisdom of it considering a) I'm not sure if I have a realistic shot at it, and b) I'm already applying to BC. But I visited BU (albeit, as an undergrad) and really liked it (I was accepted and debated going there before deciding to stay closer to home and attend PSU), and I know that it is (currently) ahead of BC in the US News Rankings. Do you think I have any realistic shot at BU, or at least enough to apply?

Thanks for your time reading, I appreciate it!
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Re: School chances, plus any other ideas? (3.33/167)

Postby law4vus » Tue Jan 11, 2011 10:09 pm

You and I sound almost identical. I have a 162, improved to 167 and a slightly lower GPA (3.27). I also have a very similar upward trend (identical GPA to start the first two yrs, in fact).

You're pretty much right on about your chances. In at Nova, Drexel, Temple and Pitt, and 30-40 percent shot at both BC and GW. Also pretty much auto-admit at AU, though not totally. You actually might have a slightly better shot than me because 3.3 seems to be the magic number to push people over during admissions.

Here's where I applied (it's a lot of places!)

Wash U
Illinois (waitlisted)
William and Mary
Washington and Lee (admitted)
George Mason (waitlisted, I attribute that to the fact that I lazily pared down my PS to match their requirements and it probably sucked. Had no interest in going here)
Maryland (admitted)
St. John's (admitted with full scholarship)

I'd throw an app at BU. They've admitted a couple people with 3.3, 167 scores on LSN so far (though both went to top 10 schools). I don't think applying to BC should keep you from also shooting an app at BU. If you want to be near the city, I'd also see if you could apply to Maryland (not too far from DC) and maybe get some money from Catholic.

Hope that helps!

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Re: School chances, plus any other ideas? (3.33/167)

Postby philswfc2008 » Tue Jan 11, 2011 11:16 pm

Great response - exactly what I am looking for - thanks!. If anyone has similar stats like us, feel free to chime in.

Also an update: Was accepted into Drexel today after only five days of a completed app - I was surprised to hear so soon, although the result was pretty much expected. So one down, 6 (for now) to go!

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