Army Ranger applying to Law School

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Re: Army Ranger applying to Law School

Postby AreJay711 » Mon Jan 17, 2011 1:09 pm

wesmsmith wrote:I agree. UT does seem to be really into numbers. My list in order of preference would be
6.George Washington
7.North Carolina
10.Boston College

This list is mosty based on places my wife and I would like to live since I have not visited all of these schools. How do you guys feel about my chances among this list.

You will probably have a tough time with the GPA even though you you have great experience so it is hit or miss. Realistically, you are out at the t14 but maybe you should send applications in just to see if someone bites. The rest you have a chance at but splitters are always hit or miss. Maybe you should add George Mason if you like the D.C. area: it'd be more affordable to live in Alexandria anyway and with metro the commute isn't much longer to D.C. if your wife gets a job in the city. GM has been rising in the rankings and placing very well before the economy turned sour (most recent data from 2009).

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