I could really use some advice------

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I could really use some advice------

Postby the11111111 » Fri Jan 07, 2011 1:09 pm

Hey guys,

I was wondering what my best option would be...

I have a 2.9 and a 166 on the LSAT, and as most on this site my softs and work history could be impressive... I am of Indian descent (Asian Indian)

I really want to be in LA (the USC joint LLM JD program would have been perfect but my LSAT was way worse off than expected)

I was wondering what the best option would be for me as in law school... is there a top 25 I should just apply to , are there any other schools in cali that might be worth a shot at, or should I stay in georgia and transfer.

These might sound like dumb question but I could really use some advice.

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Re: I could really use some advice------

Postby pu_golf88 » Fri Jan 07, 2011 1:18 pm

Well first off, don't go to a school and expect to transfer. Go to a school that you wouldn't mind graduating from.

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Re: I could really use some advice------

Postby the11111111 » Fri Jan 07, 2011 1:21 pm

I guess I wouldnt mind graduating from a school in Georgia... but my concentration right now has been LA (where I would like to end up) so if I dont get the transfer it wouldnt be the end of the world...

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Re: I could really use some advice------

Postby nigelfrost » Fri Jan 07, 2011 1:24 pm

Number one: Never, EVER let transferring be "an option." There are so many things that you can't control about that process. You can't have the mentality "Well, I won't go to the school I want to now. I'll go to a different school and let the arbitrary grading system that professors use determine whether I ultimately end up at the school I really want to attend." So, take the transferring card off the table.

Number two: Apply to USC. What can it possibly hurt? With the minority factor, you might at least get waitlisted and then can pool all your strength in writing LOCIs.

Number three: Think about why you want a Cali school. Is it because you want to practice in that market? Do you have family there? Is the lover who won't commit to you living in LA and you think living near her/him will "seal the deal?" If you're unsure about your reasoning here, then consider that there are good schools elsewhere in the country that you could get into and at which you'd have an excellent chance at building a good career.

Number four: If you REALLY have to be in LA, apply at UCLA (just to see), Loyola, and Southwestern. Sure, these are a wide-ranging, grab-bag of schools, but if its "LA or nothing," then these are your options. You might be able to dig some money out of Loyola and certainly could at Southwestern.

Just some thoughts. Best of luck.

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