2.9 GPA 157 LSAT

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2.9 GPA 157 LSAT

Postby ILbadger » Thu Jan 06, 2011 8:23 pm

I am looking to attend the Part Time programs at Kent, Depaul , or Loyola Chicago where I would work full-time during the day in Chicago. I worked two-part time jobs (30 hours a week) during my Sophomore, Junior, and Senior Year in College to help pay my for my parent's mortgage after my mom had to quit her job because of Chemotherapy. I was on the Dean's list my Freshman year; however, my grades did decline through the years as I was more focused on providing for my family than my undergrad education. I am considering taking the LSAT one more time in February to bump it over 160. Thanks for all your information.

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