3.0/164 is it possible to attend.....

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Re: 3.0/164 is it possible to attend.....

Postby LAWLAW09 » Thu Dec 30, 2010 1:05 am

AssumptionRequired wrote:
I am saying that I dont think OP has a shot at HYSCCNMVPB, and probably not at the lower T14 either simply because of a 3.0 GPA and unimpressive LSAT. Yes you are correct that being black gives him a boost, the second highest boost (second to NA with tribal card) and it will help ALOT, thats why i think the 18-25 range is possible, because realistically based purely on numbers (if people didnt care about the color of ones skin) it would be a TTT.

Now the thing we have to account for is what LS admins are looking for, and how many AA apps they have had so far, the less they have had the better his odds.

realistically if people didn't care about the color of ones skin law schools wouldn't look the way they currently do

OP, apply to as many schools in the T14 that you can afford (at the least). good luck!

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