This is the only one of these I'll do, but hoping for Wisc?

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Re: This is the only one of these I'll do, but hoping for Wisc?

Postby gobuffs10 » Sat Dec 04, 2010 7:58 pm

TheOcho wrote:
gobuffs10 wrote:
TheOcho wrote:Have you ever PT'ed at 165? I find your odds very slim at Wisco with your numbers, but good luck anyway.

No, not yet. Only taken 4 PTs. Since I'm not there yet I'm thinking of waiting.

I don't think you should assume you can hit a 165+ on test day after taking only 4 PT's and never hitting 165. Put in a reasonable effort preparing for the LSAT and take it when you believe you're ready to get your highest possible score. Don't let your uncompetitive nature let you ruin your chances at Wisconsin.

Also, I took that as insulting when it wasn't. I need to work on my reading comp it appears. I will do my best, thank you. I do not believe I am ready right now.

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