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Postby kch3684 » Mon Nov 01, 2010 12:27 pm

I transferred during undergrad - credits transfer as long as you get a C and I stopped going to classes that the new school wouldn't recognize so there are a couple of 0.0 factored into that GPA...GPA from degree granting institution was a 3.6 Took LSAT once and got 170. Looking in the Virginia area -family connections-but open to good school that gives me lots of money elsewhere. I am looking at sticking to my financial advisers advice to not go into anymore debt then you make your first year out of school. (ex if you go into $60,000 worth of debt your first year salary should be close to that). Any feedback as to where I can get the best degree for the lowest cost? Applying at W&M, Richmond, UVA and Northeastern.

Plus 5 years work expierence

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