3.03/163- Contemplating Dec. Retake...Please Advise!

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3.03/163- Contemplating Dec. Retake...Please Advise!

Postby noahzak » Sat Oct 30, 2010 4:51 pm

Hi Guys,

Have 3.03 and 163 LSAT as of last night....2 years work experience as a journalist and a pretty strong PS.

Here is my dilemma- I studied for a month in May and took the LSAT in June and got a 159. In September, I signed up for the OCT LSAT very late and basically studied for a week and a half and got a 163. I feel like I can do better in December, but I have all my apps ready to go now, along with LOR's, etc.

Thinking of Pepperdine, Loyola, and USD...Do I have a shot at any of those now, or should I retake in Dec? And if I do retake and get like, a 166 or something, will it have hurt my shot to have waited for Dec?

Thanks for the help!

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Re: 3.03/163- Contemplating Dec. Retake...Please Advise!

Postby Grizz » Sat Oct 30, 2010 5:28 pm

Retake LSAT. Apply now though so schools get the updated LSAT which completes your app in January.

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