3.14/169 - Retake?

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3.14/169 - Retake?

Postby Blumpbeef » Sat Oct 30, 2010 1:30 am

Ugh. I was hoping for a 173 or higher, but ended up with 169 and I don't know what to do with it. I'm mostly interested in Environmental Law, but I can see myself doing patents/IP with my science background.

I was thinking Cornell/GTown/GWashington as reach school, Davis and potentially a few other T30s as more reasonable options, and then Loyola, San Diego and Pacific as $.

LSP is putting me at the 25%ile in Cornel, and is making me out to be more competitive there than Georgetown. But is applying to Cornel with this score wise? George Washington is at 40%. Again, I'm not sure what to make of these numbers.

I enough of a minority to write a DS, but I am not classified URM. Other than a solid upward GPA trend, I don't have any real softs. Moreover, I haven't really done much on my applications, mostly because I had no idea what my LSAT was going to end up like. If I need until near the end of November to get my apps in, will that completely destroy my already marginal chances at Cornell?

What about Davis? LSP puts me at 67%, but Davis in general seems to be less numbers oriented than other T30s. I'm also not sure I am willing to pay sticker for it, and I would rather depend on merit aid rather than need aid. I really do like Davis though in general, but I'm just not sure I would want to pay as much for it as I would be paying for a T20. And what about Hastings? My general impression is that it is more difficult to get into and less attractive than Davis, so I haven't bothered with it much.

LSP is also giving me strong considers at Iowa and Indiana in the T30, as well as regular Considers at Illinois, Notre Dame(I would love to do their 2L study abroad) and Minn. Other than ND, I really haven't considered any of these schools. If they are only regional, I can live in Illinois and Minnesotta, but Iowa/Indiana are pretty much out of the question if I can't practice somewhere else.

Moving on down the list, I heard about the Kennedy Grant at University of the Pacific. Full scholarship and an all expenses paid European vacation with a supreme court justice. Seems pretty attractive, but it is class rank-dependent for renewal, and I have no idea what kind of numbers are required to qualify for it in the first place.

I feel like I underperformed on the October test, but retaking in December is going to be, logistically, inconvenient and expensive. It is doable though if thats what it comes down to. LSP puts Cornell as a Strong Consider with a 173. Is it really that simple? Retake in December for a 173, apply in January, and waltz into an Ivy?

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