3.7/157 URM chances?

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3.7/157 URM chances?

Postby AbuAmir » Fri Oct 29, 2010 9:34 pm

Been lurking for a while and decided to finally post after I got my results back from the Oct lsat. I was scoring between 156 - 163 on the pts so the score didn't really surprise me. I don't think retaking in Dec will make much of difference since there's not much study time left. What are my chances with my current numbers?

3.71 GPA soft major in a state school
157 LSAT
URM AA male

I was eligible for a fee waiver so I'm going to comb through the t14 but the schools I am really thinking about are:
Arizona State

What other places should I think about applying? I would prefer to stay in the west coast to be closer to my family. I'm banking on the diversity factor as I come from a low income family, first family member in college, speak 3 languages and learned one of them (Arabic) as an adult, and completed memorizing the whole Muslim holy book, the Qur'an, in its original Arabic. I made sure to highlight all of these things in my personal statements. Will they give me a boost?

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