So unfair that so much weight hinges on an lsat score

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Re: So unfair that so much weight hinges on an lsat score

Postby ResolutePear » Tue Oct 05, 2010 12:41 am

Kobe_Teeth wrote:
ResolutePear wrote:
Kobe_Teeth wrote:Also, OP has an Ivy League education which he used to qualify his 3.8 gpa.

I think an argument could at least be made that he shouldn't even get to or need to rely on his URM status, since that status is designated, in part, to make up for gaps in quality of education. That is, unless I misunderstand the purpose of URM status.

Am I off base here?

URM is an effort to correct past wrongs from what I understand. Just like Aff. Act.

...such as poor quality of education?
I guess I assume URM status to be for slightly different purposes. I would assume it is to level the playing field for portions of our population that don't statistically have the same access to quality education. Also, I assume it is done to even the playing field for (what I think to be a very real advantage) white privilege. I think an argument could be made that these aren't issues for OP.

(However, white privilege is a bitch. Assumptions are made about people based on the color of their skin regardless of the name on the degree. - I'm just saying an interesting argument could be made.)

I don't think it's because of the education, rather some families don't have a college grad throughout their 3rd generation. That's what I believe it tries to correct.

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Re: So unfair that so much weight hinges on an lsat score

Postby Helmholtz » Tue Oct 05, 2010 12:42 am


not this again


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