crazy, very old gpa

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crazy, very old gpa

Postby jplwine » Mon Oct 04, 2010 6:51 pm

applying Fall 2011 and hoping for t-25. UGPA is 2.87 overall but 3.45 at degree granting university. All of the bad grades are from 1988-89. Restarted school in 1996 and got the 3.45. Graduate GPA 3.83 in 2005. LSAT 163. Any thoughts on my chances at say...BU or maybe a reach at Georgetown? I did not got to amazing UG or Graduate school.

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Re: crazy, very old gpa

Postby Veyron » Mon Oct 04, 2010 7:09 pm

Not unless you retake the LSAT and score much higher.


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Re: crazy, very old gpa

Postby whymeohgodno » Mon Oct 04, 2010 7:23 pm

Are you a URM? Only way I see you getting in.

If not then retake.

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Re: crazy, very old gpa

Postby Grizz » Mon Oct 04, 2010 7:27 pm

Standard reply: If you already have a moderately successful career don't go to law school.

Also, retake LSAT. A

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