173/3.6 Chicago ED

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173/3.6 Chicago ED

Postby absolutazn87 » Wed Jul 28, 2010 12:43 pm

What do you guys think my chances are at Chicago if I ED?

I have multiple LSATs but Chicago explicitly says they only take the highest.

I'm a graduate at a top private school majoring in mechanical engineering. Graduated in 2009, 1 year of work experience in engineering consulting. Have some softs - political campaign experience, honor societies, voter registration, etc.


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Re: 173/3.6 Chicago ED

Postby KibblesAndVick » Wed Jul 28, 2010 1:02 pm

There are two important questions you need to answer. First, is Chicago your first choice. Second, are you comfortable paying sticker.

If you search LSN for applicants with 3.5-3.7 GPAs and 171-175 LSATS you can see that your chances are pretty good without the ED. Probably somewhere around 50/50 if you count the waitlists and pendings as rejects. I think if you ED you will be good to go. Which brings it back to the questions. You should get NYU and you have a shot at Columbia. If you aren't set on Chicago I think you should apply broadly and see what happens. You should also be in great shape for scholarship money somewhere in the T14 so if you're debt adverse I wouldn't ED either. But if Chicago is your top choice and you have no qualms about paying sticker then you should be able to lock it up with an ED.

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